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Toxic Trivia :60


Styled like a TV game show, the longer the contestants play, the more obvious the answers become. Funny. Educational. A little nuts.

[Host:] Welcome back folks. Ok, time for the speed round. Jill, you have 30 seconds to answer all five questions. Ready?

[Jill:] I’m ready. I’m ready.

[Host:] AAAND GO! Hydrogen Cyanide, a chemical used for lethal injections is also found in… ?

[Jill:] Cigarette smoke!

[Host:] Sulfuric Acid, a chemical found in car batteries is also found in…?

[Jill:] Cigarette smoke!

[Host:] Toluene, an ingredient in dynamite, is also an ingredient in…?

[Jill:] Cigarette smoke!

[Host:] Arsenic, a chemical found in rat poison, is also present in…?

[Jill:] Uhm, uhm, cigarette smoke!

[Host:] Urea, a chemical found in urine is also found in…?

[Jill:] Cigarette smoke!.

[Host:] Time’s up. Perfect Score! Now, how ’bout a smoke?

[Announcer:] Cigarettes are the only product that when used as directed, will kill you. Tobacco. Rethink it. Seriously.