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Advocacy Tools

Quickstart Guide: Fill Your Toolbox

Finding information, sorting through resources, developing plans, building membership, and rallying support takes work! Fortunately, we’ve done some of the heavy lifting for you. The South Dakota Tobacco Control Program (TCP) and our partners have created a number of resources to help you champion tobacco-free initiatives in your community. Use these tools for educating and empowering others to join the tobacco-free movement in South Dakota.

Find the mix of advocacy tools that work best for your needs

Tobacco Control Orientation

This self-guided course has been designed for staff, grantees, and advocates. Learn about the history of tobacco control, the impact of tobacco use, identify priority populations, and get ready to engage and mobilize your coalition or community with high-impact strategies!

Model Policies

Implementing a tobacco-free policy is a great way to reduce tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke and vape. Use these templates to develop a policy for your school, workplace, organization, park, or community.

Policy Support Materials

Reinforce no smoking/vaping policies with free window clings and door hangers to let others know that smoking is not allowed on a facility’s premise, in a vehicle, or a home.

Tobacco Toolkit

School-based programs to prevent tobacco use can make a major contribution to the health of the next generation. The K-12, Post-Secondary, and Tribal toolkits contain activities, ideas, and resources to entertain and educate.

Action Planning for Coalitions

Coalitions can influence public policy, change people’s behavior, and help build healthier communities. Learn how to recruit and retain members and create an action plan to help stay on track and achieve your goals.

Tobacco Control Webinars

View our library of educational webinars where we discuss tobacco control topics like Evidence-Based Decision Making, Working with People of Low Socioeconomic Statuses, High Impact Activities and so much more.


Get the details on the year’s biggest Tobacco Control events, register for the Spring Institute and check out our recordings and materials from previous events.

Meet Our Brands

The South Dakota Tobacco Control Program’s goal is to reduce tobacco/nicotine use and tobacco-related disease. We work with partners and programs statewide to educate and raise awareness related to prevention strategies and cessation services. Branding plays a key role in reaching specific audiences. The South Dakota QuitLine is our flagship service for cessation. Rethink It is our prevention focused brand. Find Your Power was developed specifically for Native American’s in South Dakota and Good & Healthy is our resource for health-related policy and programs.