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Policy Support Materials

No smoking policies work!

People who do not allow smoking in their home, vehicle, or workplace are far more likely to quit using tobacco products. This simple step can help tobacco users change their habits and stay on track with their quit goals. It also benefits family and friends by reducing exposure to secondhand smoke.

Source: 2017 Seven Month Outcome Report: QL Home & Vehicle Smoking Ban

Smoke and vape-free notices let everyone know you’re providing a healthy environment for all.

Order free window clings and door hangers from the SD Department of Health. Please note the stock number before you click the “order” buttons below. It will help you locate the specific item you’re searching for.

Need help with your order? Contact Rebecca Piroutek.

Window clings for buildings

Window clings for buildings are a great way to reinforce a no smoking policy by letting visitors and tenants know smoking and vaping is not allowed on the premises.

Hang this cling at your:

  • Restaurant
  • Apartment complex or home
  • Workplace
  • Any smoke and vape-free facility
window cling that says "This building is tobacco free. No smoking or vaping."

Title: Smoke & Vape Free Building
Window Cling 4×5
Stock Number: TCP056

Window clings for cars

When people smoke or vape in a car, they expose other passengers to toxic secondhand smoke—even with a window down. A window cling gently reminds everyone to smoke or vape outside, not while in the car.

vehicle window cling that says "This vehicle is tobacco and vape free."

Title: Tobacco Free Vehicle Sticker
Stock Number: TCP057

Door hangers for homes

Protect friends and family from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke. A smoke and vape-free door hanger shares with guests that you have prioritized clean air in your home.

front and back of the Quit Line door hanger that says "This is a smoke and vape free home."
front & back of QuitLine door hanger
front and back of the Find Your Power door hanger that says "This is a smoke and vape free home."
front & back of Find Your Power door hanger

Title: Smoke Free Home Door Hanger – QuitLine
Stock Number: TCP045

Title: Smoke Free Home Door Hanger – Find Your Power
Stock Number: TCP046