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Switching Isn’t Quitting :60


A female Lakota announcer explains the dangers of vape and why switching isn’t quitting.

[Female Lakota announcer:] It’s time to clear the air. Switching from cigarettes or chew to vape isn’t quitting. It’s trading one nicotine addiction for another.

Vape companies want to keep us addicted. They are tricky like Iktomi—distracting us from the truth. They tell our people that vape is much safer. It’s not.

Like Iya the stone monster, vape brings destruction. The nicotine in vape is poison that comes in tasty flavors.

And nicotine causes brain damage to young people, weakens the immune system, and is especially dangerous for kids and pregnant women. Just one JUUL pod has the same nicotine as twenty cigarettes.

Find your power. Say no to vape. If you need help quitting, call the South Dakota QuitLine at 1 866 SD QUITS.