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Miracle :60


A Lakota dad tells the story of the day he and his son found the power neither of them knew they had. It’s a great lesson on how love and family can overcome seemingly impossible adversity.

[Male Lakota announcer:] I really believe that everyone has a right to breath clean air, so I decided to stop smoking and do my part.

But one day I was really jonesing for a cig. My son pulled out a pack of reds and gave me one of his.

He said, “Dad, if we’re ever gonna quit, it’s gonna take a miracle.”

I remembered how I gave him his first drag. How for fun, I used to let him light my chunglees. How I used to pay his sister Rosie with smokes when she would babysit.

I said to myself, “Look what I started. I’ve been playing with fire and now we’re all getting burned! Firsthand smoke, secondhand smoke. You name it, we’re doing it.”

So I said to my boy, “Brandon, you are a great son, and I know you would do anything for me. I wish I had never started smoking, but even more, I wish I had never got you and your sister started. But if you followed me then, I hope you will follow me now.”

I broke the cig in half and smashed it with my foot.

Since that day, a year ago, I still haven’t smoked—but even better, neither has Brandon or Rosie. I guess Brandon’s miracle showed up after all.