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What Happens When You Call the QuitLine – Coaching

What Happens When You Call the QuitLine – Coaching

Ready to quit? Great! We can help. Call the QuitLine to set up a quit date. Takes about 15 minutes. Next time we talk, we’ll review free medications, triggers, coping, withdrawal. Takes about 30 minutes. Check in for two more support calls. We’ll go over challenges… how to handle slips, and don’t worry… if you’re stressed… just call! Then BAM! You’re tobacco free! So, take a deep breath… you can do this.




8" x 10.34"

If you are unable to download files or access tools on this website, it may be due to your facility’s firewall protection. Ask your IT administrator to whitelist so you have access to this important anti-tobacco information. For further questions, please reach out to the SD Tobacco Control Program.

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Title: QuitLine Poster- Ready to Quit?

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