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About Us

Every South Dakotan should enjoy a life free from the burden and consequence of tobacco use.

Be Tobacco Free SD is brought to you by the South Dakota Department of Health’s Tobacco Control Program (TCP). The program promotes prevention, cessation, and education and aims to reduce tobacco use rates and tobacco-related disease in South Dakota. This website provides resources and tools for state agencies, communities, and coalitions to support these efforts.

Tobacco’s toll in South Dakota

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cigarette smoking is still the leading cause of preventable and premature death.

  • 1,300 SD adults die every year from smoking.
  • 21,000 SD kids under 18 alive today will die prematurely from smoking.

As cigarette use declines, the next generation of tobacco users are recruited with deceptive products like e-cigarettes. According to the U.S. Surgeon General, e-cigarette use among youth has hit epidemic levels. Because most regular tobacco use starts during adolescence, these products put South Dakota youth at risk for a lifetime of nicotine addiction.

In addition to health consequences, South Dakota’s economy also suffers:

  • Every year, South Dakota spends $373 million in healthcare costs and loses $282.5 million in productivity, directly caused by smoking.
  • Residents’ state and federal tax burdens from smoking-caused government expenditures equal $790 per household every year.
  • Medicaid costs caused by smoking in South Dakota equal $70.2 million every year.

Learn more about the Tobacco Control Program

SD State Plan

See our 5-year plan for reducing tobacco use and diminishing its devastating impact in South Dakota.

SD Tobacco Law

Get the details on South Dakota’s smoke-free law, which includes a ban on e-cigarettes and vaping products.

Priority Populations

Find out why some populations are at higher risk and how the TCP and SD QuitLine address their challenges and needs with specialized services.

Populations at Increased Risk

The tobacco industry targets certain populations and leads people to believe some tobacco products are less harmful than others. Get the facts.

Tobacco Prevention Coordinators

Connect with a tobacco prevention expert in your area for specialized support. They offer technical assistance for grantees, coalitions, and advocates.

Contact Us

Tobacco prevention and cessation is important work! Reach out with your questions and feedback. We’re here to help!


All South Dakotans will enjoy healthy lives free from the devastation of chronic disease.


Improve quality of life, health, and well-being in South Dakota through effective leadership, surveillance, education, advocacy, and partnership development.

Guiding Principles

Strive for comprehensive tobacco control
Our approach applies a mix of educational, clinical, regulatory, economic, and social strategies as identified in the CDC’s Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs, an evidence-based guide to planning and establishing effective tobacco control programs to prevent and reduce tobacco use.

Focus on tobacco-related disparities
Because some of South Dakota’s populations face a higher proportion of tobacco-related challenges, we’ve prioritized specialized services for these groups.

Pursue collaboration
Collaboration increases the success of our tobacco control efforts. We value opportunities to work with our national, state, and local partners in public health, healthcare and educational systems, and community-based organizations.

Our Initiatives

  • Collaborate with state and community partners through our staff and Tobacco Prevention Coordinators

Meet Our Brands

The South Dakota Tobacco Control Program’s goal is to reduce tobacco/nicotine use and tobacco-related disease. We work with partners and programs statewide to educate and raise awareness related to prevention strategies and cessation services. Branding plays a key role in reaching specific audiences. The South Dakota QuitLine is our flagship service for cessation. Rethink It is our prevention focused brand. Find Your Power was developed specifically for Native American’s in South Dakota and Good & Healthy is our resource for health-related policy and programs.