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Winter 2020 Newsletter: Making the Most of Media

February 6, 2020

The tobacco industry spends an estimated annual $27.5 million marketing their products in South Dakota every year. You can help us fight back.

Use the SD Tobacco Control Program’s free materials and tools to spread the word about the dangers of vaping and tobacco use.

Hit the airwaves with new anti-vape radio

Five new 30-second anti-vape radio spots are available for free download.

  • These stories from teens and young adults focus on the dangers of vaping, common misconceptions, and where to get help.
  • Share them within your network or forward to your local radio stations as Public Service Announcements (PSAs). Follow these tips on how to purchase or negotiate airtime.

Order free print materials

Pre-printed flyers, posters, and cards can now be ordered with just a couple quick clicks. 

Promote tobacco & vape-free policies

Order tobacco & vape-free window clings and door hangers for your car, residence, or building.

  • No smoking or vaping policies really work! South Dakota QuitLine data supports the fact that people who do not allow smoking or vaping in their homes or vehicles are far more likely to quit using tobacco products. 
  • Plus, policies also benefit family and friends by reducing everyone’s exposure to secondhand smoke. A visual reminder is a great way to reinforce that commitment to clean air.

Shoutout to the Surgeon General

The Surgeon General is keeping the pressure on the tobacco industry. The new Smoking Cessation Report is out. A few highlights include:

  • Using all of the cessation tools in our arsenals raises success rates
  • Indoor and workplace no-smoking policies work
  • New data on high-risk populations

Keep in touch

We welcome your input and feedback. If you have questions about media efforts, need help sharing, or want more information: