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Think You’re Free? :30


A young, dual-gender announcer duo lays out the argument that there’s no such thing as freedom when you’re caught in Big Tobacco’s addiction trap. Short. Smart. Hard hitting.

[Young man:] Think you’re free? Not if you use tobacco. A tobacco exec actually said, “Students are loyal. They’ll stick with you like glue.” Once they get you they own you, and they’re targeting you, your little sister, all of us.

[Young woman:] They don’t care if you stink. They don’t care if your teeth turn yellow. They don’t care if your face wrinkles up.

[Young man:] Right, they don’t care about you. They just want us all addicted.

[Young woman:] That’s how big tobacco makes money.

[Young man and woman:] Don’t buy it.

[Young man:] Want to fight back? Go to