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QuitLine Counselor :60


Up close and personal advice from a female Lakota QuitLine counselor. She shares her own tobacco addiction story and promises sincere, confidential support in addition to a sure-fire way to overcome nicotine addiction

[Dianne:] Hi. My name is Dianne, and I’m a counselor for the South Dakota QuitLine. You know, 1 866 SD QUITS?

Anyway, I have a confession to make. I used to smoke, too. I started when I was twelve, but nobody ever knew about it until I was fifteen. By then I was really hooked. So believe me, I know how hard it is to stop using once you’re addicted!

So, I’m wondering why we don’t get more calls from you.

If you’re young, and trying to keep it secret like I was, maybe you think you can’t trust us.

Well, you can.

We don’t talk to anyone else about your problem, just you. And we can help—no kidding.

In fact, studies show that the best way to quit is to have someone counsel you. There are lots of us here, working every day with people who need exactly the same kind of help that you do.

And everyone here hopes you will be our very next caller. So call us at 1 866 SD Q U I T S.

It’s free, it’s confidential, and it really does work. But only if you call. [Male announcer:] That’s toll-free 1 866 737 8487.