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Dr. Art :30


A smooth, friendly announcer runs the numbers on how many South Dakota smokers actually want to quit but can’t, and why doctors recommend the QuitLine as the best way to help. She spells out the QuitLine number loud and clear.

[Female Announcer:] Ok, tobacco users, let’s run the numbers.

First, there are more than 100,000 South Dakotans who use tobacco, and around 70 percent of us who want to quit. [ Sound of calculator clicking, mumbles ]

Umm, that’s over 70,000 of us who wanna quit, but haven’t yet. Really… 70-thous…? Who knew?

Ok, moving right along… Doctors say we’re 2 times as likely to quit if we call a QuitLine.

Hey, can I get some reverb on that or something?

I’ll say it again. [extreme reverb] Doctors say we’re 2 times as likely to quit if we call a QuitLine.

Here’s why. You work with an online expert to come up with a custom plan just for you and have someone to call when things get rough. Cool.

Anyway… it’s free and it works… 2 times better than going it alone. So if you’re ready to quit, call the QuitLine at 866 SD QUITS. That’s 8 6 6 S D Q U I T S… got it?

Ok, then call ’em… like…  right now.

A message from the South Dakota Department of Health.