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Media Library

Counter-marketing campaigns are key to generate awareness of tobacco cessation resources and motivate the public to quit.

Media has the opportunity to:

  • Change attitudes and behavior of tobacco and vape users
  • Educate nonusers
  • Counter tobacco industry marketing dollars

But where and how do you start developing a campaign? The SD Tobacco Control Program provides free print and radio materials you can use on a local level.

If placing a print advertisement in a magazine or newspaper, or buying airtime for a radio flight from your local station, please notify your local tobacco prevention coordinator.


No more struggles with trying to create your own brochure or handout—we’ve got you covered!


Advertise on your local station with these SD Tobacco Control Program radio spots.

Media Buying

Get help placing media in a print publication or buying airtime on your local radio station?

Counter-marketing 101

Resources to help counter misinformation and stay up to date on national trends, data, and events.

Meet Our Brands

The South Dakota Tobacco Control Program’s goal is to reduce tobacco/nicotine use and tobacco-related disease. We work with partners and programs statewide to educate and raise awareness related to prevention strategies and cessation services. Branding plays a key role in reaching specific audiences. The South Dakota QuitLine is our flagship service for cessation. Rethink It is our prevention focused brand. Find Your Power was developed specifically for Native American’s in South Dakota and Good & Healthy is our resource for health-related policy and programs.