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Summer 2019 Newsletter: New Website & Vape Materials Available

May 30, 2019

We Are LIVE!

The brand new and improved Be Tobacco Free SD website launched in April. It’s mobile-friendly, way fast, and oh-so-much-easier to navigate.

Check out these shiny new sections:

Share with local coalitions, youth organizations, community members, and tobacco control advocates across the state. We’ll continue to update the site with improved tools. Be on the lookout for revamped model policies & exciting toolkit overhauls.

In the meantime, let us know what you think: Contact Us

Vape Materials Now Available

A powerful set of e-cigarette counter-marketing print materials are now available!

Bookmark these locations for quick and easy access in the future:

Vape counter-marketing content has also been added to the Rethink Tobacco and SD QuitLine websites, which includes evidence-based facts and links to verified sources, as well as tools to connect those who need help quitting to the QuitLine.

Smoke-Free Law Update

In March 2019, South Dakota passed legislation to include e-cigarettes and other vaping products in the definition of a tobacco product, making them subject to the same regulations as the smoking ban. It officially goes into effect on July 1, 2019.

This means vaping (just like smoking) will be prohibited in public buildings and places of employment, including restaurants, bars, and casinos/gaming establishments. The law requires business owners, managers, and operators of places where smoking is prohibited to inform violators of the ban.

Shoutout to South Dakota legislators, the American Cancer Society, and the South Dakota State Medical Association for working to ensure that all South Dakotans have the opportunity to enjoy smoke-free environments.

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Vape is NOT harmless. NOT safer. NOT cool.

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Visit any of the Facebook pages to view the new vape posts and share them. The more we talk about this epidemic and share facts, the easier it will be to prevent a new generation from starting a lifelong nicotine addiction. For step-by-step instructions on how to share a Facebook post: How to Share a Facebook Post to a Page You Manage

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Keep In Touch

If you have suggestions, questions, or want us to be aware of tobacco-free efforts, pages, posts, or resources… please let us know by filling out a contact form! We’ll review and help spread the word on our channels.