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Spring 2019 Newsletter: Combating the Vape Epidemic

March 22, 2019

There is no question – this is a gigantic issue.

The South Dakota QuitLine is for vape too

In response to the Surgeon General’s Report on E-cigarette Use Among Youth and Young Adults and increasing concern from parents and educators statewide, the SD Tobacco Control Program has launched a new campaign to provide information and resources related to the health dangers of vape products and to prevent young people from starting a lifelong nicotine addiction.

Over the next several months, all three tobacco brands will be used to deliver the following core messages:

  • Vape is not harmless and is not a safe alternative to smoking.
  • Most products contain concentrated nicotine – which is extremely addictive – and especially dangerous for young people and pregnant women.
  • Nicotine causes irreversible damage to developing brains (up to age 24).
  • Products like JUUL deliver nicotine nearly 3x faster than other e-cigarette devices making it easy for addiction to sneak up on you.
  • Vape users are 4x more likely to start smoking.
  • SD QuitLine services are available to vape and tobacco users ages 13 and older.

Who We’re Reaching

Tobacco Rethink It Seriously logo

The Rethink Tobacco brand will be used to reach youth and young adults with a gorilla-sized warning about the dangers associated with vape use.

South Dakota QuitLine logo

The SD QuitLine brand will be used to reach parents, educators, pregnant women and women of childbearing age, healthcare professionals, those currently using vape as a means of cessation, and other general South Dakota audiences.

Find Your Power Medicine Wheel logo

The Find Your Power brand will be used to reach our American Indian population. Our partners from the Canli Coalition of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe understand the urgency to share resources and double up on counter-marketing efforts. In January 2019, The Tribal Health Committee was approached by JUUL to pilot a “Switching Program” (i.e. Trading one nicotine addiction for another).

How We’re Reaching Them

Social Media Pages & Posts

The vape campaign will be distributed predominately via social media platforms (Facebook & Instagram) featuring posts and animated messages designed specifically for each audience. These platforms have proven to be the media of choice for younger audiences, and increasingly, their parents. 



YouTube Channels

We have found that people are far more likely to watch a video in its entirety on YouTube, so vape related content has been added to each tobacco brand YouTube channel. Visit, subscribe and share!


Vape counter-marketing content has been added to all three tobacco websites and includes evidence-based facts and links to verified sources as well as tools to connect those who need help quitting to the QuitLine.

Magazine Ads & Support Materials

A series of ads have also been running in the South Dakota Medical Journal outlining conversations healthcare providers can have with their patients. A similar magazine ad geared toward parents has also been placed in parenting publications.

How You Can Help

1) Help us SHOUT it from the rooftops:

Vape is NOT harmless. NOT safer. NOT cool.

2) Share, share, share!

Visit any of the Facebook pages to view the new vape posts and share them. The more we talk about this epidemic and share facts, the easier it will be to prevent a new generation from starting a lifelong nicotine addiction. For step-by-step instructions on how to share a Facebook post: How to Share a Facebook Post to a Page You Manage

3) Reach out.

If you have questions about the media efforts, need help sharing, or would like to request materials contact

4) Keep us posted.

The new website will launch in April. When it’s live, you’ll be the first to know! So… be thinking about what’s working in your community and let us know by filling out a “contact us” form on We’ll review and help spread the word on our channels.