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South Dakota Resources

The South Dakota Department of Health, the TCP, and our partners have created a number of resources to help South Dakotans live tobacco-free, healthier lives. We need your boots on the ground to help educate, advocate, and share them. We will continue to provide current evidence-based information and tools so you can continue to champion tobacco-free efforts in every community. The following go-to list will get you started.

South Dakota QuitLine

The South Dakota QuitLine phone coaching and Kickstart Kit services are designed to help people kick their nicotine habit for good. This website features everything you need to know about the free programs, extended resources, FAQs, tips, and tools to help each individual personalize their quit journey.

Why it’s important to use and share

People who use QuitLine services are 2x more likely to quit than going it on their own. It’s one of the primary tools we use in the fight against the high cost and deadly effects of tobacco use.

You have the power to positively influence health outcomes when you refer people to the QuitLine. The QuitLine experts will do all the heavy lifting for you. When you help us spread the word about these FREE cessation services, it’s a win-win situation.

Rethink Tobacco

Rethink Tobacco is a prevention-oriented website designed specifically for youth and young adults. The site features state and national statistics and facts related to tobacco, vape, chew, and hookah use. It also provides background on the tobacco industry’s sneaky tactics to recruit the next generation of tobacco addicts and ways for young people to take action in their communities.

Why it’s important to use and share

Let’s face it. Youth and young adults are a tricky group to reach. They seek out and process information differently than other age groups. Today’s young people are tech-savvy, smart, and very social. They insist on having the facts and they will compare notes.

This site speaks their language, uses humor, features vivid graphics, and offers evidence-based facts for them to consider and share with peers. It’s an effective, not-boring way to communicate serious information with youth groups in schools or any other setting.

Find Your Power SD

Find Your Power SD helps American Indians in South Dakota connect with and inspire one another to quit using commercial tobacco products.

Why it’s important to use and share

American Indians in South Dakota face numerous, overlapping challenges when it comes to maintaining their health. They are 2x as likely to smoke and experience higher exposure to secondhand smoke.

American Indians draw strength from their families and culture—which includes traditional tobacco. It’s important to incorporate culturally appropriate strategies for prevention and cessation that acknowledge their heritage and encourage them to reach out to their communities.

Good & Healthy SD

Good and Healthy SD is a central location for chronic disease and health promotion information for communities, schools, workplaces, childcare, healthcare, and tribes.

Why it’s important to use and share

Good & Healthy SD brings all the pieces of a healthy lifestyle together—being active, eating right, quitting tobacco, being informed on health risks, and staying up to date on what the SD Department of Health and its partners are doing to promote health statewide. New programs, conferences, funding opportunities, and key data are all at your fingertips.

South Dakota Department of Health

The mission of the SD Department of Health is to promote, protect, and improve the health of every South Dakotan. This site provides information on vital records and statistics, family and child development, prevention and healthy living, education, disease intervention, testing, and links to other state agencies.

Why it’s important to use and share

This is our digital headquarters. Our strategic plans, South Dakota-specific data, statistics, services, and program overviews are housed here. You can also find updates on disease prevention, detection, and health promotion efforts.

Educational Materials Catalog – SD Department of Health

The “Tobacco Prevention” tab within the Educational Materials Catalog features handouts, posters, stickers, and window clings you can order and ship to your community free of charge.

Why it’s important to use and share

No more struggles with trying to create your own brochure or handout—we’ve got you covered! We have a warehouse (literally) full of professionally developed, effective materials you can order with the click of a button to share with your support team.

Statewide Tobacco Control Program Partners

There are many organizations across the state working together on prevention and cessation efforts and our list is always growing. As partners in health, we encourage networking, collaboration, and teamwork. Here are a few of our most active partners. Consider teaming up, compare ideas, and share successes.

Avera Health Systems

Black Hills Special Services

The Canli Coalition of Cheyenne River

Great Plains Tribal Chairmen’s Health Board

LiveWell Sioux Falls

SDSU School of Communications & Journalism

SDSU School of Nursing

Volunteers of America