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South Dakota QuitLine Data Briefs

Data is a powerful tool. It shapes how the SD Tobacco Control Program, coalitions, and local organizations develop initiatives to align with State Plan goals.

SD QuitLine staff and Department of Health partners routinely collect statewide data about tobacco use and QuitLine service utilization. This information is housed here in three easily accessible collections of data briefs.

Seven Months Outcome Briefs

Track effectiveness of statewide tobacco cessation efforts.

Coalitions Briefs

Access QuitLine data from organizations and communities across the state.

Priority Populations Briefs

Find the information you need about the groups South Dakota places special focus on.


How to Use the Data Briefs

QuitLine data can help shape advocacy efforts as you hone in on your community’s needs. Data will also inform your policy-making efforts, helping you quantifiably track successes and shape further areas of focus. When you report and share your data, you play an important part in creating the full picture of tobacco cessation results in South Dakota.

The SD Tobacco Control Program encourages partners to:

  • Use data to create robust advocacy and policy efforts
  • Distribute data widely to inform related community efforts
  • Track and report tobacco cessation efforts statistics to keep South Dakota’s data accurate