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Fall 2021 Newsletter: New Anti-Vape Campaign Spells Out Dangers of Nicotine Addiction

November 17, 2021

The South Dakota Tobacco Control Program launched the statewide media campaign in October. Two new TV spots and corresponding radio ads will run through November and during the first quarter of 2022. These spots focus on the dangers of nicotine and how addiction can quickly sneak up on you. Nicotine weakens the immune system, increases heart rate and blood pressure, causes mood swings, adds to stress and depression, and even causes permanent brain damage to kids under 25. You can view and share these hard-hitting messages from our YouTube Channel or the SD QuitLine Facebook page.

Put Our New SD Tobacco Control Toolkit to Work

Every hour, the tobacco industry spends approximately $1 million to market tobacco-related products to the public, despite overwhelming medical evidence that tobacco causes serious long-term health problems, including death.

That’s a big number. So, what can you do about it?

  • Make a Plan. You can fight back–but you don’t have to do it alone. As a tobacco control advocate or tobacco program grantee, you can access the recently launched SD Tobacco Control Toolkit to help you gather support, build a coalition and tell a powerful anti-tobacco story. With the help of hard-hitting facts, statistics, scientific data, testimonials, historical and cultural insights, and more, you can confidently communicate strong tobacco prevention and cessation messages in your community.
  • Free Resources at You’ll find this valuable toolkit in the Advocacy Tools section. It’s geared to help whether you are new to tobacco control or you’re an experienced professional looking to refresh and update your knowledge.
  • User-Friendly and Full of Info. The toolkit is divided into six modules that can be viewed at your pace and utilized according to your needs. Toolkit topics include:
    • The evolution of tobacco control
    • The impact of tobacco use
    • High impact tobacco control strategies
    • Identifying and engaging priority populations
    • Mobilization through coalition development

Are You Ready?

Once you have completed all six modules, take the ten-question quiz to receive a certificate of completion. Congratulations! You are on your way to making a positive impact on tobacco use in your community.

FDA Approves Marketing of E-Cigarette Products

In October the FDA approved the marketing of certain e-cigarette products as cessation aids in the US for the first time. This landmark decision from the FDA states that these products “could benefit addicted adult smokers who switch to these products– either completely or with a significant reduction in cigarette consumption– by reducing their exposure to harmful chemicals.”

Combatting Mixed Messaging

Getting people to quit is the ultimate goal so it’s understandable that the FDA would want to make as many tools available as possible to help people 1) reduce risk and 2) step down nicotine intake over time and quit. Our job as tobacco control advocates is to help eliminate confusion.

The FDA’s decision comes at a time when the U.S. Surgeon General has declared vaping a national epidemic and teen use is skyrocketing. Studies prove that teen vaping is dangerous, addictive, and extremely hazardous for people under 25 because their brains are still forming. And while the FDA says e-cigarettes may help adults kick the habit, studies show that teens who vape are 4X more likely to take up smoking.

What Can We Do?

 It’s important for people to know that FDA approval does NOT mean vaping is harmless. And it’s definitely not a green light for teen vaping. Sharing evidence-based messaging that includes facts and prevention strategies are critical to helping teens and adults understand the many downsides of vaping. Promoting the SD Quitline as a proven tool for quitting is another great place to start. More resources are available on the website.

Infographic: Teen Vaping & Tobacco Use is No Joke

Middle school kid walks into a C-store in South Dakota to buy a pack of cigarettes. What happens next? Unfortunately, 95.6% of those teens are going to make that purchase– despite the fact that state law prohibits the sale of tobacco to people under 21. Here’s what we can do to help combat this issue:

Be an Expert

If you want to stay on top of statistics like this, you’re in luck. In an ongoing effort to provide evidence-based South Dakota-specifc information, the most recent facts and figures related to teen vaping and tobacco use have been boiled down into a handy two-sided infographic, found on the website in the Media Library. 

Coughing Up the Statistics

This colorful, factual infographic provides tobacco control advocates with eye-opening information about the current vaping and tobacco habits of SD youth. The backside offers ideas for prevention and cessation, including school and community-based education.

Let’s Do This

As a tobacco control advocate, you are encouraged to download and print this infographic to use when communicating the dangers of teen vaping and tobacco use in your community. Hang them up, pass them out, share them at your speaking engagements, and be sure the clerk at your local C-store gets a copy.

Help Someone Be A Quitter

If you know someone who is trying to kick the tobacco habit, that’s great news! A strong support system is critical when it comes to quitting for good. There are several ways you can help. Remember: it takes an average of 7 quit attempts for a quit to stick… so be positive and be patient!


One of the best resources available is the SD Quitline. People who use a coach are 2x more likely to quit and stay quit. Anyone 13 and older can call the QuitLine at 1-866-SD-QUITS or sign up online for free coaching and medication. You can also help spread the word about tobacco prevention and cessation with free door hangers and window clings to help people promote tobacco and vape-free environments. You’ll find more materials on  the SD Department of Health website under the Tobacco Prevention tab.


Providing a 100% tobacco-free workplace and offering positive support for employees who want to quit is a great way to promote healthy lifestyles. Trust us, the benefits will pay off! A tobacco-free business means healthier employees and higher productivity. Check out our tobacco-free workplace model policy and support available for Employers.

Friends and Family

Trying to quit tobacco and nicotine is HARD! Support the people you love by not using tobacco or vape products around them. Understand that some days will be difficult, and those days will require some grace. Do your part to stay positive, provide healthy distractions, and celebrate achievements both large and small. You can do this! Check out more advice for Family & Friends.

Keep in Touch

The SD Tobacco Control Program welcomes your feedback. If you have questions about media efforts, need help sharing, or want more information: