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Tobacco Use in Yankton County: Q4 2020


  • 2,683 adult smokers in Yankton County
    • 17 phone enrollments in SD QuitLine
    • 1 Kickstart Kit enrollment
    • 0 direct healthcare provider referrals 
  • Tobacco type usage 
    • 61.1% smoke cigarettes
    • 5.6% use smokeless tobacco
    • 16.7% use other types of tobacco 
    • 11.1% reported polytobacco use 
    • 5.6% reported using an e-cigarette 
  • The majority of callers heard about the SD QuitLine via other referral

If you are unable to download files or access tools on this website, it may be due to your facility’s firewall protection. Ask your IT administrator to whitelist so you have access to this important anti-tobacco information. For further questions, please reach out to the SD Tobacco Control Program.