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Pregnant and Postpartum Women: 2019 Outcomes


Use of tobacco during pregnancy can lead to complications for both the baby and the mother. Use of tobacco near an infant can also increase health risks or lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

In South Dakota, over 1 in 10 women report smoking while pregnant.

  • 66 (5.4%) enrolled in SD QuitLine services in 2019.
    • 54 phone service enrollments
    • 10 Kickstart Kits
    • 2 Quit Guides
  • Most pregnant and postpartum women using the SD QuitLine enrolled by phone.
    • 65.2% enrolled by phone.
    • 10.6% were referred by a healthcare provider.
    • 24.2% enrolled on the website.
  • Pregnant and postpartum women using the SD QuitLine had a quit rate of 46.5%.
    • This is higher than the quit rate of women not pregnant or postpartum, and higher than the quit rate across national quitlines.

If you are unable to download files or access tools on this website, it may be due to your facility’s firewall protection. Ask your IT administrator to whitelist so you have access to this important anti-tobacco information. For further questions, please reach out to the SD Tobacco Control Program.