Tribal Tobacco Advocacy Toolkit

The South Dakota Department of Health has designated American Indians as a priority population in tobacco cessation work. Adults in this population smoke cigarettes at more than twice the rate of other South Dakota adults. Because the statewide smoke-free ordinance does not apply on tribal land, additional concentrated efforts are needed to implement change. 

The Tribal Tobacco Advocacy Toolkit was developed by the Canli Coalition in South Dakota and is housed on the Find Your Power website. The toolkit supports tribes and tribal allies in their efforts to educate and advocate for smoke-free policies within their community. Use these customizable tools, ideas, and resources in your own public health work. Together, we can work to reduce the health inequities of Native people—for the present generation and for seven generations to come.

Canli Coalition Framework

The toolkit includes information on:

  • Engaging your community with coalitions, research, and multimedia 
  • Developing educational strategies 
  • Creating, explaining, and implementing policy