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Spring Institute:

The target is you.
The tobacco industry spends millions each year to lure South Dakota’s youth into tobacco addiction

Play the Game.
See the Monkey.
Get the FACTS.

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American Indians have
unique reasons
to avoid addiction
and special ways to help
each other as they fight
to preserve their culture
and its sacred ways.

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Quitting tobacco is tough,
but research shows you’re
twice as likely to succeed
if you use a quit coach.

Free medication and
coaching for
South Dakota residents.

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How can I help?

Keep the conversation going and support tobacco-free services and environments.
Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Help us spread the word!
Inspire others with your story

Get the facts & share.

Wanna quit? Call the QuitLine!

Support tobacco-free services and environments
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Parents & Educators
Get familiar with and share the K-12 toolkits
Toolkit Downloads

Community Leaders
Get involved with your local community coalition
Get Connected

Employers & Employees
Implement a tobacco-free policy
Download the Model Policy

Tenants & Property Managers
Create tobacco-free environments
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